Sunday, 7 March 2010


More than a fad, social media has become a strategy for success in today's business environment

03.07.2010 – IQ PR has launched today a revolutionary webcast about social media aimed at helping organisations and individuals better understand and more efficiently use it within their business or daily activities. The webcast was produced by Roxana Tintea, Client Social Media Strategies within the agency, and is designed to clarify all the changes that the digital age, and especially social media, has brought to the business environment.

Social Media Revealed

The 10 minute webcast takes the viewers through:

• what social media is - perspectives
• why it is called social media and the relevance of social sciences
• what the main sociological and cultural concepts behind social media are and their connection to public relations
• how IQ PR is using social media for its clients - from SEO services to PR strategies
• what the benefits of using social media for businesses are - from consumer engagement to identifying your audience's needs
• what some of the downsides to social media are and how they could be countered.
Even with the existing downsides, having a social media strategy has become a must for business in every field. Why? Because conversations about your brand or business are taking place with or without you. Organisations need to take part in these conversations to be able to give the consumers the right answers, provide them with the correct information and avoid potential crises.

Ignoring the existence of social media has become a strategy for failure. Engaging with customers and sharing in the dialogue shows the company is transparent, it listens, it responds and it cares.

The webcast can be found on the agency's blog, its YouTube channel or through Digg and the agency's Twitter feed.

Online voices

Roxana Tintea, creator of webcast and Social Media Strategist: "I wanted people to get a better sense of what social media really is and what it can do for them as individuals or for their business. I think that this webcast sheds a lot of light on some the issues that have been raised about social media lately and could prove to be useful not only to our clients, but to the entire PR industry and the social media community."

IQ PR executive manager, Julie Renee Davis: "This webcast provides our clients, and not only, with the answers to every question about social media that they've ever been faced with. We are very excited to be able to share this unique resource with the PR and social media industry and wish to continue this initiative with a series of webcast on related topics."

Thomas Venon, social media expert at SocialMediaToday: "I am delighted to see that IQ PR identified the need of such a material within the industry and managed to do such a great job in creating it. The webcast provides valuable insight in social media matters and it's a must see for everyone in the industry."

Notes for editors

• The webcast's transcript is available for download on the agency's blog .
• For a downloadable version of the webcast please contact the press officer at
• For more information please see the SMPR at
21, Flower Road, London, SW7
Phone: 020 8009001, Fax: 020 9008009

Roxana Tintea, Client Social Media Strategist
Phone: 020 7895674, Mobile: 0735 4567890
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